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Texas Electric Rates | ChoiceGenie | Power to Choose | Compare electric rates

You ask, why is my electricity bills so high in the summer despite a renowned Electricity Rates? Let us remind you of several factors that are often causing an unusually high electric bill: an inaccurate bill increased Compare electricity rates or higher than usual electricity usage.

Bill Verification

As electricity scouts describe, bring out your electricity bills from this time last year. Is your kilowatt-hour (kWh) usage similar to your current usage? Find out the electricity usage of an average home in your area, if you just now got settled in your current home.

It is vital to consider that electricity usage of individual dwellings often varies depending on the size of the home, its energy-efficiency and also to what kind of weather the home normally sees during the heat. So, choose energy, wisely!

Compare your electricity usage to last year, if you find it abnormally high, how about trying to verify that your bill matches your meter reading? Find the current meter read on your bill and check your meter for your kWh usage if not up to the expectations, remember, you have the power to choose a reliable one.

Keep in mind that your meter should only read a little higher than the current meter read on your electric bill. Your bill is inaccurate if your meter is reading lower than described. You can call your electricity provider to have them reevaluate your usage and consider going for vault electricity.

Increase in Prices

For many vicinities, summer demands higher energy need, in turn, causing the market price to peak. If you are on a variable-rate plan, keep your eyes on your electric rate this season. Even on a fixed-rate plan, you may see increased electric rates if you’ve used your power to switch or renewed Electricity Plans in the last year.

This year in Texas, consumers have seen higher energy prices due to the closure of several power plants which is causing the energy supply to decrease drastically. Meanwhile, this summer, there is the probability of temperatures to be higher than average, which will lead ACs around the country to work harder.

With energy demand for summer increasing and supply decreasing, opt for ChoiceGenie: The Texas electric broker that provides one of the best Texas electricity ratings for lower rates on your energy bills.


Increased Electricity Usage


Choose Texas Electric Rates: ChoiceGenie this summer as we tend to use more electricity. As it is becoming a common knowledge, just as it becomes hotter outside, we stay inside more using electronics and appliances. Our ACs have to work harder to keep our homes at our preferred temperatures. Here are a few reasons one could be using more energy this summer:

The kids are home from school: School’s out for summer, and the kids are constantly looking for entertainment with TV, computers and other electronics. The whole family seeks refuge from the high temperatures by staying home and using lights, electronics, and air conditioning, so, here ‘pay less power’, a ChoiceGenie’ slogan makes sense.

High temperatures: The hottest months, on average, are July and August. Know that, the larger the gap is between the outside and inside temperatures, the harder will your AC have to work in order to keep your home livable and the more you have the need to go for veteran energy.

Your pool is in constant use: Pools, nonetheless, are here to provide a great way to cool off in the summer, but, don’t forget, your electric pool pump can use a lot of energy. Compare power beforehand as on average your pool pump can add about $80-$90 to your monthly energy bill when you keep it running for about 24/7, according to My Think Energy.


Final Words


Become a Power setter to save up to 10% a year on your heating and cooling bill. How? By setting your temperature back 7 to 10 degrees for eight hours a day.

In the summer, how about setting your thermostat to around 78 degrees when you’re home and as high as tolerable when you’re away? It is highly recommended.

Energy Choice, again dear readers, is a major decision to try an experiment with your family and see how much you can comfortably raise the temperature in your home or office.

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